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education /outreach /supporting artists

As the daughter of a teacher and grandchild of social workers, I've grown up understanding how important it is to use what each of us can do to enrich and support the world around us. As an artist I believe we have a powerful tool that can help in social awareness, healing, mental health and community building. Art has been an important tool in my own journey with anxiety, identity politics and generally finding a place in the world. 


I am grateful to have worked with beautiful youth (primarily) in Toronto, Amman, India, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and hope to continue to do so. 

If you have a community or outreach project that could use an artist's involvement, please get in touch. 

the domino projects

In 2011 I used the funds I won through the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award to Start The Domino, a start up and platform based primarily in the UAE. Over the last 9 years The Domino has worked to engage artists through exhibitions and commissioning artwork. Finding that sweet spot between business and art we push for key components including appropriate compensation, original work, developing portfolios, artist mentorship and community engagement. We've been proud to contribute to growing public art scene in the UAE and boast a solid portfolio of projects and collaborations with corporates that get artists paid.

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